Phillip Gold (bono_zen) wrote,
Phillip Gold

No Surface All Feeling

Where did you study and what subject?

I studied firstly at UW Platteville as a psychology major and then I got bored with small town life and left. Then I did a summer abroad The American University of Rome in Italy where I studied history and the language. I finished my final two years at UW Madison studying modern history which is what I got my degree in.

Has university served you at all in later life?

That depends I suppose in some sense I'm still up in the air with what I want to do with my degree. Either I become a teacher, a museum worker, a businessman or a lawyer. It's nice to have and it looks nice on a resume so it's served me in that way I suppose.

Did you get badly into debt?

No not at all...I worked during the summer and saved up alot. I rarely spent money to get into parties as I had either charm or good connections. Also I worked to pay my rent during the latter half of college I was semi-poor then but never really in debt. Plus my tuition was covered but the inheritance money I got from my mom.

If you met yourself as you were then what would you think?

How little I've changed I'm still an insomniac with penchant for reading my textbooks over for fun...the only differences are I've become somewhat thinner and I'm not sheltered like I was in the safety blanket that is dorm and college life. Oh and I have a slightly better paycheck these days!

Did you ever ride a shopping trolley home or nick traffic cones?

No I rode the tram to school in Rome everyday though and then walked in ungodly heat up hills and through winding streets. In Platteville I went out on street sign stealing raids and I did partake in some pranks. I helped flood the showers in the dorms by plugging the drains with saran wrap and let the showers run until there was ankle deep water going into the bathroom stalls that was fun!

Did you get involved with any student politics?

Barely I was involved with Students for Peace and Justice and the Gay Straight Alliance my first two years at school and then I got disillusioned with the former for being pro partisan when it started out as non-partisan it felt threatened by the College Republicans so I grew to hate both instead. As for GSA they just never built up much hope and were too small to accomplish anything in a town where nobody cared for their rights.

Did you shop at thrift shops?

Oh sure I bought slacks and shirts from Goodwill and St. Vincent De Paul quite a bit. They have some nice stuff from time to time.
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