Phillip Gold (bono_zen) wrote,
Phillip Gold

Updates, updates and more updates

So Sinsuality has recorded a new live demo in order to get gigs round town. It's certainly not of super high quality since we used a pretty ghetto setup for recording and were recording very minimally without compression, regard for tone and much mixing all we had was some mics to try capture as much as we could and try not to have alot of bleed through. It's definitely not of high quality which irks the perfectionist streak in us somewhat anyway it's sufficient we suppose for giving a sample of what we sound like to people. The whole band is in agreement at least though that the performances are of a more consistent quality than two years ago when we last took a stab at recording. So it's not a quantum leap but it's an improvement which is good at least. We also had a photo shoot with my dad for promo purposes. We now need to work on a bio and put together a press kit and hawk it around to everyone and everywhere and get gigs. I think if we gets gigs we'll only get better live. Anyway now onward to marketing.
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