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Spider Sense gone berserk!!

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Which Spider-man Villain Are You

Created by ladypirate102030

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-Real Name: Edward "Eddie" Brock
-Current Occupation: Mad killer bent on revenge
-Former Occupation: Journalist for the Daily Globe, short stint as a Vigilante between murdering sprees
-Major Enemies: Spider-Man, Carnage, Life Foundation, Juggernaut, Scarlet-Spider, Jury
-Powers: Brock's powers stem from his symbiotic relationship with the alien that serves as his costume. The symbiote can mimic any type of clothing whatsoever, as well as blending Venom in his surroundings, rendering him invisible. The symbiote has augmented all of Brock's physical abilities to superhuman levels equal to, and in some cases greater than, Spider-Man's.
-Abilities: Venom also possesses the ability to adhere to most sufaces. Venom can animate any part of his costume and can fire a web-like substance from his hands. Because the symbiote was previously attached to Peter, it knows how to shield itself from Spider-Man's spider-sense.
-Limitations: The symbiote is extremely sensitive to sonic and thermal attacks.
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