Phillip Gold (bono_zen) wrote,
Phillip Gold

Shooting from the hip

-You don't seem like the Sid Vicious archetype rocker.

No I don't fit into any scheme or Jungian archetype too well. I suppose elements of me can relate to this or that, but I've always been pretty independent of latching into groups or stereotypes. I'm fortunate that way. Although I have self-destructive urges like any one, I'm seemingly immune to drug addiction or addiction to people, they say Reagan was the Teflon president, I'm the Teflon rocker.

-Does it hurt when people gossip?

Not especially, I suppose it depends on what the gossip is all about. I'm not at all caught up in that sort of thing. Gossip is mostly annoying but it's hardly hurtful.

-Who do you trust now?

Myself and a handful of friends, I suppose my father as well. Not too many people, I have no one I can go to with my problems largely though.

-Can you go out and have fun?

Of course, nothing prevents me from doing so, I just have always been the type not to party too much out in public. I like a good adventure on the town but I do it pretty exclusively.

-Does it make you laugh when people take apart all your songs, and try to figure out what you're saying?

Oh hell yeah, people can very rarely get any of it right. Some of it's utter nonsense my worst songs are the ones that are total nonsense, real throwaway stuff that just needed words on top of it. My lyrics are about shifting emotions or particular situations people find themselves in and how they have to adapt. It's open to interpretation but nobody ever seems to get my original intentions.

-You used to push people's buttons like that in high school, didn't you?

On some level yeah I did. I didn't do much to provoke people, I had friends in every clique and every background conceivable but I just preferred being a loner because I couldn't relate to any one group of people just enough, the bands geeks were into music so that was where most of my friends came from. However I did wear a dress to school a couple times and wore a kimono another but because I had tennis shoes on it ruined the whole appeal, imagine my pranks tarnished by the fact I can't find heels in my size. Those were to be just weird and do something fun. I got a few looks and a few questions but not much. Usually my sarcasm and lack of political correctness is where I push someone's buttons, some people are too thick headed and too thin skinned.

-You actually got beat up?

Yeah enough times I suppose, they'd always have to jump me or gang up on me. I couldn't be beaten in a fair fight though I was too strong willed.

-Because people thought you were gay and you had gay friends, did you ever wonder if you might be gay?

No not really. I only considered the gay lifestyle for 2 seconds at like age 14. That was because I thought I wouldn't lose my virginity to a woman ever, I was too awkward and shy so I may as well become a monk or gay. But I realized I'm an atheist and wouldn't cut it as a monk and that gays have no particular ease in relationships and have just as much hardship as straight folk. I'm straight ok with it and happy to have gays as friends though. I wouldn't trade them for anything.

-Are you pro Obama?

No I'm pro no body. I'm pro me and that's about as far as it goes.

-Would you play at the White House if they asked you to?

Sure if they wanted Sinsuality to play I'm sure we would for a decent fee or exposure. Not to be endorsed by anyone candidate though, strictly for music or business reasons not political even though politics is often business.

-You aren't preachy about your opinions. It's a sensible approach.

Yeah I think it's sort of a touched upon rule that politics and me don't mix I don't want to be someone bashing another's point of view just because I disagree. If you want an opinion I'll give it to you but it's not something I intend to cram down your throat but if you want a civil discourse on a subject I'm always game. I have a degree in history, studied alot of political history, philosophy and psychology so I'd like to think I know my stuff.

-In thought or in deed are you more radical?

Neither especially but I think I'm more self-disciplined than alot of people I know and that for one makes me a bit different that and the fact that I take swipes at everyone, myself included separates me from alot of people I know who can dish it out but can't take it.

-What about the drug use?

It's something I can admit to, yes I've done a variety of drugs, opiates, speed, pills, coke, acid, weed, hallucinogens and I drink from time to time. There's nothing special about me or anyone else who does or has done drugs. I don't do any drugs now though aside from an occasional drink.

-So you can turn on mainstream radio and hear some music you like these days.

Sometimes I liked Lady Gaga's first album and the Fame Monster EP but her latest stuff although catchy is a bit of a drag. Mostly I listen to the same mainstream radio songs I liked before 90's alternative rock, classic rock etc. Usually I tune to the college radio station and listen to awesome international techno which I blast at 10 at night when I come home from work.

-What do you do when you're not playing music?

Mostly I write poetry, I'm piecing together my first serious poetry manuscript at the moment it's taken all summer I wrote 100 poems for it but only need between 60-90. I'm in the editing and cutting out stage right now. Otherwise I read, sleep and watch movies when I'm not at work. However it's hard to take music away from me, that'd be like taking away my ability to breathe.

-Do you like L.A.?

I have never been there so it'd be hard to judge but personally based off most people's reporting of the place. I wouldn't shed a fucking tear if that place fell off with most of California into the sea due to the San Andreas fault acting up I look forward to the day when Nevada, Oregon and Washington and what used to be parts of Eastern California constitute the West Coast, I lived in Portland Oregon for awhile and I love that state, the people are friendly, the rain is tolerable and the winters are not miserable like Wisconsin. Washington is pretty as well.

-Now's your chance to say anything you'd like to say.

Everybody have a good time, that's pretty profound...right?
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