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Sensitive Little Gemini

Being Your Wonderwall

Phillip Gold
11 June
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I write and that is all
affection, american beauty, anarchy, androgyny, anxiety, art, avant-garde music, being homeless, belle and sebastian, bi-polar disorder, blues, brit-pop, buddhism, build a bear, charles bukowski, classical literature, classical music, college, conceptual art, creativity, cross-dressing, danet, david bowie, depression, diy, drawing, eric clapton, eric foreman, eroticism, family guy, federico garcia lorca, frank black, free thinkers, gays and lesbians, ghost world, girls, glam, going for walks, guitars, hardcore punk, harlem rennaisance, heroin, history, hugging, humanism, ian curtis, inxs, italian art, italian culture, james joyce, jazz, jimi hendrix, john cale, john frusciante, john keats, john lennon, johnny depp, johnny greenwood, joy division, katie, kim deal, kissing, latin rock, led zeppelin, lonely, loners, lord byron, lou reed, love, love letters, lyrics, manic depression, mary wollstonecraft, minority rights, music, my inevitable suicide, mythology, nada surf, new wave, new york, nietzsche, nirvana, oasis, origami, painting, peace, percy shelley, philosophy, photography, piercings, pixies, placebo, poetry, poetry readings, pretty in pink, pro-choice, proto-punk, psychology, punk, punk rock, radical feminism, radiohead, ralph waldo emerson, reading, red hot chili peppers, refused, rennaisance, rent, richard hell, richard lloyd, romantic poetry, romanticism, roxy music, saetia, scarves, self-loathing, sensitive people, sex, sex pistols, sketching, sleeping in parks, soccer, sonic youth, stewie griffin, suicide, sweet jane, talking to myself, talking to others, television, that 70's show, the anti-christ, the beatles, the brat pack, the breakfast club, the breeders, the cars, the doors, the moody blues, tom verlaine, track n field, transgender, travel, traveling, true love, u2, velvet underground, verve, william godwin, women's rights, wrist-warmers