Phillip Gold (bono_zen) wrote,
Phillip Gold

hard hitting questions...

Q - How the devil are you?

I'm good...devil I've not heard that term used in awhile.

Q - What have you been up to besides dicking around?

Not a whole fucking lot. Truthfully just working by day and writing song lyrics and tunes late into the night. I have retreated from much a social life these days and maintain all the same hours as I did when I partied heavier, it's just now I write by my lonesome.

Q - How's the missus?

Ha! Which one?

Q - Why do you still bother doing all this band stuff when you could just nonce around?

Cause I'm not in a position to nonce around. I'm not wealthy by any means. Hopefully that'll change one day.

Q - What do you think of when you think of Q?

Nothing really. It's just a magazine

Q - What do you think would surprise people most about you? Vegetarian? Homosexual?

Well that I'm quite shy and retiring. To most outsiders I think I leave the impression of being a bit of a flirt which is true but I'm more shy and about a good late night conversation with wine and a movie in the background to get to know someone. Though I suppose the best surprises are left for a beautiful woman in bed!

Q - When were you last truly gob-smacked?

Hmm I'm not's been awhile I guess I've done and see it all by now! How's that for a jaded cynical answer?

Q - Do you think you could ever say "I'm a fucking great rock star"?

I suppose I'd have to live it to know what it actually means. I don't know what it means to be a rockstar. If it means traveling the world, being arrogant and fucking gorgeous women while doing drugs. I've done all those things already on a not so widely known scale and probably alot more elitist and scaled down. I'm only really an elitist when it comes to decadence.

Q - Name a man you fancy.

Ha! I can't think of one...Johnny Depp I suppose.

Q - What's the most outrageous press you've read about yourself?

Good question...I've not really had any press.

Q - When was the last time you were blind drunk?

Oh probably this summer when I went to a dance party with my friend. We were chugging champagne from a bottle in a car before we got there. Then I got my shirt unbuttoned and got my chest caressed by some girl in front of her boyfriend. I flirted with her about 3 times that night and each time the boyfriend got impatient and took her away to talk to her before they left. Meanwhile I was taking cheap and free booze all night I think I got home when the sun was coming up and I passed out on the floor. I remember coming home, I don't remember going to my bed room or how I ended up on the floor wrapped in blankets and a pillow.

Q - Did you let yourself down in any way?

No I had a blast though I had to work the next day even though I thought I had it off so I was an hour or so late to work, first and last time drinking and mixed up schedules get the better of me.

Q - Have you ever worried that you might be developing a drinking problem?

No I haven't the addictive personality to drugs that other people I know have seemed to develop over the years. I sorted myself out by having parents who were pretty even tempered and let me figure things out for myself. I drank early and did the crazy test my limits in my teens to see what I'd do I found that I'm not much different, just a little less tightly wound up and shy and way more giddy.

Q - What's the best new record you've heard?

Crystal Castles II by Crystal Castles. I think it's pretty infectious and danceable. Plus Alice Glass gives me a hard on in a way that no rock chick has since Shirley Manson or PJ Harvey in the 90's. Lots of fun.

Q - What's the worst lyric you've written?

Oh far too many. I think when I started around 13 or 14 that was probably the worst but like any craft you take your time and develop. I know I've improved because I've written some lines that really stand out to me and I can honestly say I'm proud of. Also others have told me I have a way with words and that I write very well and even plainly speaking "beautifully!"

Q - What's the king of the vegetable kingdom?

I have no idea a cucumber? a big fucking squash?

Q - Could you handle yourself in a fight?

I'm not eager to findout but I think so yes. I'm not physically big by any means I'm average in height and of a lean/thin build but I've always had more heart and determination and I've kept myself in good shape. I also supposedly have a very intense serious stare that will look right through you and can send even the biggest oaf running away without throwing punches, it's worked!

Q - Could you have UB40?

They're English, not a nationality known for it's toughness that right there should indicate the outcome! Also they're old and hopefully if I fought them they'd be drunk off red red wine and I'd kick them while they are drunk and down!

Q - Guns N'Roses?

They are a from LA not a city known for it's toughness. I'm from the midwest of the United States a place known for it's toughness, hard drinking, cold winters and humid summers. Plus they too are old and worn out I bet I could take them. Also keep in mind I'd probably be armed with a knife or gun in these fights. I'm not weak I'm smart. Brains before brawn is my weapon.

Q - How has your life changed in the last eight years?

In some ways a bit here and there and others not so much. It'd be too long a list for everything but suffice to say I've had a lot more sex, drugs and rock and roll.

Q - Are you more evolved?

I think I've mellowed out some and having got some more miles under my belt and women for that matter I think I've sorted out who I am in relationships and what to say and what not to say in relationships. Often things in the past that have nothing to do with someone in the present will get in you in trouble. Now I speak more carefully and also I speak up more frequently.

Q - Are you a vain person?

Oh god no I hope not truthfully anyway. I'm probably viewed as aloof or insular. I'm introverted and shy a big difference. I'm confident in myself and I know who I am but that shouldn't be mistaken for arrogance. If I ever say I'm fond of my looks or anything like that I don't believe it for one minute, that's stir people up or throw them off for a laugh. I'm only going off the strange fact that I've had so much outside attention paid to my looks in the last several years but looks will fade with time and I hardly pay attention to my own.

Q - Have you ever kissed a sheep?

No but I have seen goat come out of a bathroom.

Q - Would you snog Morrissey for a pound?

If you pay me to kiss somebody I'd do it for sure.

Q - A joke. What's brown and sticky?


Q - A stick!


Q - Tell us a joke.

I've have to find my Jewish comedy writers to come up with one and get back to you!
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